Wierd EMIII problem

paroxymparoxym Toronto, Canada
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Um, I'm new to the Folding scene so forgive me if this is not really a problem.

Electron Microscope, which is monitoring the barebones folding console, seems to be working fine until it finishes up a frame. At this point the status for the frame remains at 100% but does not move on to the next frame in the set. I gave it ample time to finish up yet it still seems to be hanging there. Despite not appearing to be doing anything, the folding client is still utilizing CPU power. I'm puzzled by this and wanted to know if any one else has had this experience. Thanks in advance.



  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    OK the percentage its just an estimate of when EM3 thinks the frame it will finish. Since the client gives no info on where it is during the frame, EM3 takes an average or uses the time for the last frame to predict when the next frame will finish.

    So if you start using the machine and take away the CPU cycles it will take longer for the frame to finish than what EM3 takes to predict. For the extra time EM3 will show 100%.

    So its going an average of 10:00 and you come in half way thru the frame and take 50% of the CPU from there until the frame finishes. That will add an extra 2:30 to the time of that frame. EM3 will say 100% at 10:00 but it will actually take 12:30 to do that frame because the user took away the CPU cycles.

    I think thats what happened. Its just a prediction. Usually frame time are pretty evan but some take longer time than others.
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