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Hi there,

I have a little question about home network privacy to do with port forwarding.
Ill call the two computers, computer A and computer B.
ok, ill try and explain this as well as i can.
Computer A configures the router to forward port 80 to itself
Does this mean that if computer B, sends out a request for a webpage, data from that webpage will be sent through to computer A.
Therefore, knowing the website accessed by computer B. Any help is appreciated.



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    Let me see if I understand correctly:

    1 - you have a hardware router, address

    2 - you have Computer A, address

    3 - You have Computer B, address

    4 - The router is configured to have all incoming port 80 traffic to Computer A at

    5 - You want to know if any web request from Computer B will go to A?

    If that is the case, the answer is no for most consumer routers. Port forwarding deals with unsolicited incoming traffic. For instance, if you were running a web server, and someone queried your IP address, they would be routed at your router to Computer A.

    But in the case of Computer B surfing to a webpage, that is traffic solicited from within the LAN. So if computer B opens a TCP/IP socket, requests a page, the router returns that traffic to Computer B. Computer A does not see it, in the case of most conusmer routers it is just not possible to fine tune traffic in the way you have described.

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    thx m8, you've answered my question.
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