EVE Online?

RWBRWB Icrontian
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Anyone playing this? I was in Beta for a long time, but I am unsure if they ruined it the way Planetside was ruined.


  • SouriatSouriat Nottingham, UK
    edited August 2003
    I played beta and havnt had a go since, but people i know that have tried it gave me the impression that it was pretty much the same just with a lot more pirate activity and slightly better money making balance. Thus no major gameplay changes that im aware of (not checked up on it for around a month though)

    One thing i noticed is even though they enjoyed it at first no-one seemed to really be gripped by it for a long time. Id guess that if you enjoyed beta and like the idea of actual risk in it now you may enjoy it.

    Im sure someone who has actually played it recently can shed some more light on the state of the game than my guessing though so dont trust this babbling ;)
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