Week Of Aug 3 - Congrats Everyone!

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edited August 2003 in Milestones
Week of August 3, 2003
120 Milestones and 2 New Members

Welcome to new members Wazze and BDR!


tech9, SM15_Folding_Frog, and BDR herald their first 1K.
machinegunkelly and Irrylyn bit into 2K.
Wei_Yang, chandom, Butters, and plop break open 3K.
vid and GHoosdum snap 4K.

Mancabus, SVHFH, dommer, Morning_Wood, danball1976, and RandyK for this week’s BWA crew for 5K.
Furious_George, Paroxym, tpd91, shorty, Icrontic_8, and MyNewName5333 threw 6K off a bridge.
Ajfrizz and Hannibal pummeled 7K.
hkarpf6045 broke the 7,500 half cog mark.
Drowd and LawnMM chewed on 8K.
Meltdown and Gobd munched on 9K.

mackanz, pushVTEC, and spaetb blew away 10K.
Obasau and Jaketh stole 12K.
edcentric and celcho looted 14K.
kristof2, Leonardo, and hypermood snagged 15K.
(LFS)Morpheus punched 16K.
QCH2002 checked out 17K.
WuGgaRoO and Servant07 flew by 18K.
Mondi, KroFF, Gargoyle*BW*, scthoburn, WuGgaRoO, and Park_7677 gobbled up 19K.

mondi, gtghm, and scthoburn destroyed 20K.
dsahota and TheWiz fried 21K.
dsahota baked 22K.
tycho and TonyShew boiled 25K.
omega65, GeneralKeebler, and tycho nuked 26K.
GeneralKeebler and omega65 zapped 27K.
ian and Trekky8472 came down hard on 29K.

Hotrodsun beat back 30K.
DanG reprimanded 33K.
Alexander_Vandenberg and DanG scored 34K.
Alexander_Vandenberg pressed on with 35K.
reelbigfish decimated 37K.
necropolis_uk killed 40K.
MikeP928 and necropolis_uk defeated 41K.
redoulent and MikeP928 whipped 42K.
Enisada shot down 43K.
t1rhino and Tbonz broke 45K, then continued on with 46K and 47K.
t1rhino went one more with 48K.

primesuspect threw down 52K and 53K.
lsevald tackled 53K.
seversphere whooped 58K, 59K, 60K, and 61K.
Jammin1911 took on 61K and 62K.
Vicodin mastered 82K - 85K.
muddocktor poured it on 84K and 85K.
buroja saddled up 123K, 124K, 125K, 126K, and 127K.
Jumpin'_Jack jacked up 187K -191K.
csimon drove it home with 244K - 253K.
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