HELP!! I messed up my modded xbox default M$ dash!!

FormFactorFormFactor At the core of forgotten
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So one night after quite a few drinks :beer: I thaught I would be brave and play with some of the apps available in the scene.

Well I have no idea what I have done, but now I cannot get the M$ dash to load. EvoX loads fine, but if I try to launch a dvd or do anything to get the M$ dash to load I get a weird error message telling me my xbox needs service with chinese writing. :banghead:

I dont have a backup (yes i know. very smooth).

Any ideas on how I can readd the ms dash, while retaining my saved games?

btw, the only reason I want my M$ dash back is so I can play on Live (yea i know live sux anyways, but I paid for it. I might as well use it.)

Any info would be greatly apreaciated.

thanx :thumbsup:


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    Friends don't let friends mod drunk.
  • kanezfankanezfan sunny south florida Icrontian
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    can i recommend someone? if you go to and talk to bikr, he modded my xbox, and then told me howto unmod it when I wanted to watch DVDs with the remote (well that and the wife was like "i gotta do what to play music now?") Anyhow, he's big into xbox modding so he'll be able to set you straight, tell him i sent you.
  • FormFactorFormFactor At the core of forgotten
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    Turns out my evoxdash.xbe was somehow renamed to xboxdash.xbe. I renamed it back, and renamed a file called xboxdash.xbeBACKUP to xboxdash.xbe and reinstalled live.

    problem solved.
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