I have lost all respect for online gaming...

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Today I installed Raven Shield again since over 2 months. There was a new patch. To make it simple a thing they changed was that instead of trigger lag (you put the trigger and later it shoots), they changed it to bullet lag (you pull trigger it shoots and later it hits the target). I wanted to test it out so I enter a server full of a clan. Map called training which is really small and ends fast. I selected the team that's against the clan and the match starts. We start here:


I then procede to the where the arrow is. There you can see the other side.


I then killed 2 (where it says "1" :p). Sorry I forgot to take a pic but if you look to the right there is an entrance and then left you can see the other side again from a doorway or window. I entered and killed another 2 where it says "2". I procede to where I killed them and at the corner of the building there is a door. The last guy was standing there and I killed him. Untill now IMHO Raven Shield seemed like a mature game unlike some *cough* CS * cough* where you seem some b!tch-ass kids whining everytime about cheating. Well to my amazment the whole clans says I was cheating and to "turn it off". After I tell them I don't have a cheat, I got kicked banned (weeee!!!).

Is't so damn hard to accept loss. Sometimes you can suspect when you see the guy is all hidden and you know where he is by a heart beat sensor but he doesn't, then all of sudden he jumps out and kills, procedes to do this with the rest of the time, nobody actually touched him, and he does it for the rest of the matches. But I killed them fairly like anybody would. Those are the kind of people that make the gaming community suck @ss. Ligitimate tourney matches getting ruined by some clan that knows jack about tactics, get's pwned 95% of time and then whines saying that the other team is cheating. Just takes all the fun of multiplayer.

Also, why the hell do people asume someone is cheating when they are good?

Does this happen to all of the games? What's your thoughts about why people choose to cheat?

I've come to the conclusion (;D) that lan parties are the only way to go unless you are playing against people you really know...

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    i think most people will think you're cheating when you kick their @$$ up and down like that. I don't like CS, and I think cheating on CS is not happening as much as people think. these dudes playing CS, that's like their religion, that's all they do and they're so god at it, whenever I get the urge to try it again, I last like ten seconds and die on any map. It's too easy to call someone a cheater when they kick your @$$ these days. I think you got the shaft dude. But hey there's always the new addaboy UT server that we're gonna all hop on this Sunday at noon EST ;)
  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
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    The rare time I call people cheaters is on Planetside when they just don't die. Odd how one person can guard a spawn room that is being entered by enemy maxes and ha's.
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
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    I hate a sore loser. It's their loss. As you said, you're probably better off sticking to games where you know the people.

    *No one ever accuses me of cheating. I wonder why? ;D
  • RobRob Detroit, MI
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    A cheater is only cheating themselves, as they can never ever win.

    CS is one community thats seen both sides of the coin for some time.

    I personally have never installed anything with the intent to have an advantage over another player. I like knowing that when I get a frag, its because I was able to do it myself. But, I will also play even when I'm getting my butt kicked in. Winning all the time is no fun either, if its not a challenge why waste your time? I probably enjoy losing more than winning because if I'm losing that means I'm being challenged. Thats one trait I would have to say 99.9% of the players around lack.

    As a CS admin, I don't ban people that seem god like. I've had good games where I've been litterally unstopable, with some records in the 20-1 ratio. Other game, I get my butt kicked in. Its all my mood and the team cooperation.

    BUT, I will ban you quick as **** for calling someone a cheater in one of my personal servers. Next to cheating, the agravation of players and name calling is the biggest problem of that community. I'll give a good player the benifiet of the doubt about there abilitys, but a puke calling people names I have no patience for.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    I have been trying to play (HL)CTF for a while now but its just full of bots and people using aim cheats and its just plain annoying.

    Oh, and there are even some servers where you get auto kickbanned for saying "damn" or even "d*mn", I mean, jesus christ.

    I couldnt even ask for a few controls because it would change the word "button" to "****on" (and this was a different server).

    Catering only for the lame AOL user now it seems :(

  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL Icrontian
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    Sunday's game:

    I would like to say one thing. For Sunday's game, well, if you guys can stand it and have folks on Comcast playing, you might postpone it or expect weird lags due to the fact that there are limited web bandwidht and that is constrained by Blaster traffic (there are LOTS of volumes of that traffic messing things up and some Comcast customers are interrmittenly offline as Comcast deals with Blaster and other viruses feeding lots of junk through their system). If were me, would at bare minimum make sure the server was patched if the O\S on it is at all vulnerable to RPC (and I mean the class of things that use Remote Programmatic Control, which gaming does and which Remote Procedure Calls that invoke two-way dynaimic control use). At bare minimum talk some about connect issues and have a test match.

    One thing about Clans, the members look for folks with software common to themselves, including some patches in common so it is mind and eyes and fingers against same. When an outsider comes in with something that the rest of Clan mostly is without, the Clan is likely to gang up and kick that user out once they figure out that there is a patch or call it a "cheat" if they if they have no idea what hit them and the server is not itself set to inform about patches that are not on most of their client ends (local game end for each player as opposed to server).

    The user who started this should think about having in reality won with something the Clan did not have, and maybe not feel too bad but find out if the Clan patched their stuff and tell them about the patch in email to the Clan server admin. At worst, the Clan will patch things and be on even ground for software and not call it a cheat anymore. If the server did not know about the patch and was not patched, the admin might have gotten illegal move notices from the server also.

  • shwaipshwaip bluffin' with my muffin Icrontian
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    Wait for PB (punkbuster) to finally come out for raven shield...it should cut down on the # of cheat accusations. It did so for SOF2. However, I still get a couple accusations here and there, but who really wants to play on the servers that you just "pwn" all the time?
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
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    shwaip said
    Wait for PB (punkbuster) to finally come out for raven shield...it should cut down on the # of cheat accusations. It did so for SOF2. However, I still get a couple accusations here and there, but who really wants to play on the servers that you just "pwn" all the time?
    Yeah well I've been waiting for a FPS fix for Raven Shield since the first patch and where are we now? 5th patch and the damn thing doesn't fix major bugs. Supposedly 1.41 is due out tuesday. Don't get your hopes up.
  • T-BirDT-BirD Montgomery, AL
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    Anytime I get accused of cheating, I take it as a compliment ;) Hasn't happened much since I stopped playing fps's multiple hours almost every day tho... *sigh*
  • CreepCreep Hell Icrontian
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    Everything you guys said about Counter Crack is the reasons why I stopped playing, God forbid you go 50-10 on adverage. i'm SO glad valve added in Text mute with the Voice mute feature! I hate whining losers. My best is 120-5 in 40 mins on italy one night. That was funny. Now I only playing Ghost Recon with people I know, and even then I mostly play the Missions.

    Ageek: Thanks for the heads up on the Comcast thing, I was wondering what was going on with my upload speeds today.
  • TemplarTemplar You first.
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    Cheaters are winners of losing. :)
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