Stress your CPU to the MAX!

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What is StressCPU?
This is a small windows program to torture-test your CPU in order to make sure that you don't have overheating problems. It will only run on SSE-equipped x86 CPUs, and it is executing a special version of the Gromacs innerloops that mixes SSE and normal assembly instructions to heat your CPU as much as possible.

The program was written by Erik Lindahl and I simply compiled it and am making it available to use.
This program actually makes my CPU's run from 4C-6C hotter than simply running Gromacs.
It's a good heat test and it should make any system draw maximum power which will also test the stability of your powersupply.

Let me know if you have any issues.
You can get the program in the EM-DC download area.



  • Ultra-NexusUltra-Nexus Buenos Aires, ARG
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    Cool! I`ll give it a try!

    BTW do you know if it has some kind of crash control or something that tells you your cpu cant take it?

  • TBonZTBonZ Ottawa, ON Icrontian
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    Thanks for that WM, it also provides a great way to cross- reference problems with the folding program, if this doesn't crash you but the folding does than you know it's not hardware failure but most likely a software issue.

    Another link for the Everything" sticky.:)
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    If the system can't take it, it will most likely either reboot itself or just freeze up. Shouldn't hurt your system.

    Even after testing this program for an extended period of time, it is no guarantee that you won't get a Gromacs work unit issue. It's a good test to make sure that your system is temperature and voltage stable so you have the best chance of not having an issue with the FAH Gromacs core. ;)
  • S_WilsonS_Wilson Meridian, ID
    edited June 2003
    Thanks! :)
  • Ultra-NexusUltra-Nexus Buenos Aires, ARG
    edited June 2003
    Indeed this little app heats up the core a bit more... It actually prints on the screen an error message if something goes wrong...

    Nice util to test stability along Prime95.

    Now it would be better if it could be a windows app :) Any visual expert listening? ;)
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    I may do that. :)
  • Ultra-NexusUltra-Nexus Buenos Aires, ARG
    edited June 2003

    Just as a note, I found that even though this app DOES indeed up my cpu temp by 2-3°C, its not the most stressing app available.

    As I noted on another thread or some, the latest version or Prime95 is a bit more stiffer in system stability. That said, my Tbred B 1.5v 1700+ @ 2477Mhz@ 1.85v does excelent in stresscpu for hours but it doesnt take any longer than 10 minutes to crap out at Prime`s test.

    Just my feedback :)

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