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RWBRWB Icrontian
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in a game?

I am working on something for school, but at the same time something that may end up being more serious.

Something like the following is cool.

Anime style looks with realistic terrain
Awsome story
Futuristic Sci Fi shooter in a magical universe

Just whatever comes to mind.

BTW This is going to be a corresponding project between people in different degree programs. Like I am in Digital Media and some people who may help are in Game Design, Digital Animation, and even Audio or Recording Arts.

I am the one who is kinda getting things started and bringing peple together as the year goes on, but nothing will actually be started until we get into the actual classes for this.


  • RWBRWB Icrontian
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    Here is some stuff I came up with just now, basically what I have so far is a new type of game, not really based on anything, but everything :D Like this game is based somewhere far away and may be going on right now or in the future, doesn't matter.

    New Races, New Entities, New Abilities, Earth is an Unknown.

    A new online genre, built around a universe of Magic and Technology.

    No religion, no beliefs, just science and Magic is science.

    There is no death, but a body can be destroyed, your energy leaves the vessel and is freed.

    You start as pure energy, the only things you can do is move around, interect with others, cast spells...

    You can take controll of certain bodies, bodies being pretty much anything that is life and with certain abilities you can take control or elemental things like becoming a large Rock Creature, or whatever your imagination desires(this gives you certain abilities, but at a sacrifice of others).

    Taking a body form gives you added benefets to your skills. Armor and weapons add even more. In energy form you are unable to die, but your abilities are severely weakened, you have no ability weild armor or weapons. With Elemental Form you gain the strengths of that form, but the weaknesses also, and armor and weapons for that form are rare, hard to find, and/or virtually non existant. If you die, or loose your "body" you may also loose everything on that body if someone takes it.

    Technology such as guns and spacecraft do exist including space stations, bases and others.

    Various armor types from woven to metal.

    Besides the common items, the rare and good items never fade away if on the ground or hidden. You may find one of these hidden in a wall or else where if lucky. This way people can find caches of weapons. But, it may have a curse protecting it.
  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
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    Sounds good, don't foget to include player homes/buildings ;)
  • RWBRWB Icrontian
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    Nixxer said
    Sounds good, don't foget to include player homes/buildings ;)

    Thought I had that in there :) But it has been the biggest thing on my mind.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    Sounds a bit like the game Messiah crossed with Morrowind......

  • RWBRWB Icrontian
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    Messiah? I know morrowind, but I dont know messiah. I also don't see the Morrowind in the game. CLosest thing it sounds to me is Everquest mixed with Star Wars ;)

    It is next to impossible to create a WHOLE NEW game without having it seem like something else or a mixture thereof.
  • botheredbothered Manchester UK
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    I played Messiah. You play a little 'cherub' thing that can jump into and posess other characters, like, posess a guard to get into a certain area. Quite a good, though short, game.
    Where some of the newer games fell short for me is in having crappy control, ie. Tomb raider AOD, Indiana Jones.
    What I want in a game is responsive and fine control of movement and to be able to save it when I want (No save points) Some decent puzzles and some sort of plot to hold it together, As many baddies as you like but no frustrating 'boss's' that you have to shoot 16,000 times whilst leaping all over the place (I get 10yo little bothered to get these for me!)
    Nice visuals are a bonus but game play is king.

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