Midtown Madness 3 and xbox LIVE!

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Ok, as an offline game this one was pretty entertaining. I have quite a few hours in and only have a few races to complete the game.

I somehow recently broke my xboxes ability to access live but have recently fixed it.

So I got the game on line yesterday for the first time ever and didnt stop playin till around 05:00 AM. I am totally addicted to the "Capture The Gold" game mode.

You play against up to 7 opponents (I think) and you have to drive your car to pick up this gold and drive it to the hideout. On your way to the hideout your opponents try to gank the gold from you by ramming your car. Whoever delivers the most gold wins.

Now this sounds lame but check it out. The citys are huge with plenty of windy roads, open freeways, and small allys to give your opponents the slip through. And the graphics are crisp, very detailed and 480p HD for hdtv owners (very schweet). The cars do over 200MPH and you really get a sense of speed when driving that fast.

This game is by far the best Live enabled game yet. This is what online console gaming should be all about. Leave the on line fps games on the PC. Give it a try!! :thumbsup:

Check out the GameSpy review , they gave it an 80 out of 100 I probably would have given it a 90 or 95.


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