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So here I am with a pretty keen setup, at least I think. I have an Onkyo TX-SR501 (6.1 75watts per channel and its a high current amp.) A pair of Athena AS-F2 floor speakers, an Athena AS-p400 subwoofer, and I have a set of 2 way bookshelf speakers made by sony. I am looking to replace these rears with a pair os Athena AS-B2 bookshelf speakers (mainly becuase the other three products I have from Athena sound excellent and did not cost very much at all.) Mainly I'm just wondering what all of you guys and gals use in your own home theater and if you could recomend anything to me.


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    Rotel Amps

    Monitor Audio speakers

    I avoid "monster cable". There is better speaker cable out there without the high markup. Better speaker sound comes from proper weighting or mounting of your speakers. Make sure they sit on something solid so they can "push off" against something.

    Rears aren't as important to most as they are just ..there. You may as well stay in your family of speakers.

    Oh...one thing I forgot about that I picked up from a studio engineer. If you REALLY want to become anal about your sound. Find out which way your high end tweeters radiate. some fan out vertically...some fan out horizontally. Some radiate like a cone.

    If they are sitting above your head...no sense having the high frequency radiate horizontally...that'll miss you completely.
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    It wont matter if they fan out horizontally, they would be right at ear level. Mt room is not really the best for a home theater, but it will do for now. The rears sit right at head level of the listener on either side of my bed, and the center rear is directly over head (bad placement) I'm actually thinking about just running everything in 5.1 until i get my own place. I don't use monster cable by the way, I never fell for that marketing crap (kinda like thx). Those rotel amp look nice. If I could i would get the RMB1066. I like the bridging feature. Those Monitor audio speakers don't seem like they stack up as compared to my Athena's (at least on paper) It's to bad I can't hear them to get a real good comparison. I should write a review on the AS-f2s.
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