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This thread is to explain some of the unique things about our folding team to new members, especially our awards and roaming artifacts :)

1337 Processor :leet:
Once upon a time, one of our site's owners, Primesuspect, put up an old processor on E-bay as a joke. He played it up as the most awesome processor money could buy to see how much people would pay for comedic value. One of the site members bought it, and Prime donated the proceeds to the SMx Project.

Now, on a regular basis, the current owner of the 1337 Processor put it up for sale in the Deal Depot forum (usually for $20 or so). The money goes to the SMx fund and the current owner pays the shipping. Each owner also adds something small to the package as a souvenir of its stay.

"1337" is the numberic representation (or hacker version) of the word "leet," which is a derivation of the word "elite." The Lore of the 1337 Processor has been created by one of our team members as well. Read about the current State of the 1337.

Folding Pineapple Award
This is an award periodically presented to an outstanding member of our team. Each recipient of the Folding Pineapple Award chooses the next recipient and ships it along. Check out the Official Folding Pineapple Thread.

Bart Williams Award
This team formerly existed on a site named Icrontic, which had its content destroyed without backups in 2003. Bart Williams was a teammate on Icrontic who died of a heart attack. Tragically, the written record of his involvement in the community was lost with the database but we continue to remember him with this award for attaining 5,000 Folding@Home points. Follow this and other point achievements in the Notable Milestones forum.

Toaster Award
When he reached 50,000 points, teammate Vicodin joked that he should get a free toaster. We met his request, and the tradition continues.

The 100,000 Point Plaque
Members who reach the lofty goal of 100,000 points have their name added to our virtual plaque. To see an example, go here. We are currently filling up our second 100K Plaque and will make more as soon as they are needed.

Signature Stars
A lot of forum members have signatures under their posts that show their current Folding@Home point totals (make your own here). You might have noticed the five little symbols in the top right corner of many of them. To learn what they represent, click on them or follow this link.

That's a brief history. Hopefully it will continue to expand! :)
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