Freehand 10 Toolbar Hidden?

Nolf-JobNolf-Job Inside each and every one of you!
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I use to run Freehand 10 on two monitors and had all my toolbars and panels on one monitor and the image on the other. Now, I'm stuck with one monitor for the summer and when I start up the program everything that was on my secondary monitor (all the toolbars) is missing. I was able to get the document, swatch, color panels back by clicking their icons in the xtra toolbar, but I am still unable to get the main Tools toolbar back. So right now I can't create anything. Anyone know how to fix this short of reinstalling?


  • Bad_KarmaBad_Karma The Great White North
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    I hate to say it but you might have to reinstall the program again. If there is no option that works at getting it back then you might just have to do it.
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