Minor cosmetic suggestion

BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseurThere's no place like Icrontian
edited June 2003 in Community
The icon that shows if there has been new posts in a certain forum would look sweet if it had an icon or something like the one on the logo (the curves). I've seen a few forums with it (like Rage3D) and it looks cool. Don't know how hard it would be...


  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK Icrontian
    edited June 2003
    I can do that :) give me a couple of days to work out the bugs and bits.. and I shall do that with the new buttons :)
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
    edited June 2003
    Sweet!! Looks nice.
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