Backups are complete

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Well, thanks to all the members who contributed to the DVD burner fund, the backup archive that's been collecting on our detroit server has been finally burned to DVD. Copies of the backups are now en route to Vancouver for extra safekeeping.

It took over a week for all the archived backup files to transfer to the detroit office! It was 30gb and I had the upload capped at 40K for financial reasons :crazy: otherwise we would've gotten sapped with a gigantic bill for July :rolleyes2 , but since time wasn't really important, it didn't matter.

So now, all 30gb of June, July, and August's backups are burned to DVD and the backup plan is complete.

From now on, a nightly backup will be SFTPed to our detroit office and when 4.7gb have collected (usually a month's worth) they'll be burned to DVD twice, and one copy will be shipped to mediaman.

Whew. Thanks, guys. :thumbup


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