muddocktor sends the 100k piggy crying....alll the way home!!

WuGgaRoOWuGgaRoO Not in the shower Icrontian
edited September 2003 in Milestones
thats amazing...100k...all i gotta say is w00t!


  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
    edited September 2003


    Wow, man - 100K!!!

    Awesome Folding!!!

  • VicodinVicodin Chicago
    edited September 2003
    Huge congrats, Mudd.

    Did they give you a key to the '100k club' executive bathroom?


    Seeya at 200k
  • edited September 2003
    Thanks, guys!:D Feels good to knock down the big 100K barrier.!:thumbsup:

    Vic, congrats on making your 100K too.:thumbsup: Who do I have to talk to about that key?:bigggrin:
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