Motherboard review request.

T-BirDT-BirD Montgomery, AL
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When things get calmed down a bit and you all get some time, would it perhaps be possible to get a review done on a mobo of the DFI LanParty series? (Intel, KT400A, and nforce2 flavors available).

From the few reviews I've seen (and they're hard to find), it's not a top performer, though competetive, but the feature set is just amazing! I was so impressed I picked one up myself.

However, the board isn't selling well at all I've been told - probably due to the fact that DFI has, until now, NEVER been associated with performance boards. Considering the effort they've put out with this one, I'd hate to see them go back to just compaq/dell/gateway/etc oem mobo's :(

The retail box includes RAID 1.5 support, SATA connectivity (tho not at the same time as RAID), onboard 5.1 audio, flourescent green card slots and battery housing, included flourescent green cables (made for blacklights), the awesome frontx panel, included pc carrying straps, and more!

So my thinking is....a few more reviews might equal a few more sales. Just a personal request; feel free to ignore it ;)


  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    MediaMan is using a smaller sized board in his series of 5 articles about a Home Entertainment PC.
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