LCD Choices: Response Time Vs Contrast Ratio

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Given the choice of 2 LCD monitors, both 17" with the virtually identical specs except for the following differences, which would you choose, and why:

Monitor A

Response time = 12 ms
Contrast Ratio = 500:1

Monitor B

Response time = 8 ms
Contrast Ratio = 350:1

Monitor B also has speakers, and a DVI input (which is a moot point currently, as we do not have a DVI video card...yet....but would be nice for future expandability.)

Monitor B is only about $20 more than Monitor A.

This is a potential replacement for our 17" flat CRT at home. We do a lot of computer graphics work at home, so contrast ratio is important. However, our son does play a lot of games as well, so a 4 ms difference in response time may be noticeable to him.

Both qualities are important to us, so I ask you: which one would you prioritize, and why?

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    I doubt that the difference in response time would be noticeable. 1/12ms = 83Hz. 1/8ms = 125 Hz. Notice that both are significantly higher than 60Hz, so you'd be hard pressed to notice ghosting on either.

    I would advise getting a monitor with DVI. Pretty much all new video cards come with at least 1 DVI output.

    If you can, go to a store and look at them both next to each other, while they are displaying the same thing. You may be able to tell how important certain features are when you do this.

    Lastly, and leastly:
    Last I heard from the rumor mill, Vista is going to come with some sort of content protection - you'll need a monitor which supports this if you want to play it on your computer. Without the newer monitor, you won't see the video if you try to play it.

    I didn't vote because I don't know how important contrast ratio is.
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