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Welcome to Team Icrontic, the best team around! :D We are team #93 and currently ranked 8th overall. If you have any questions, start a new thread and ask us! We're all glad to help.

Here's a checklist of some things to help you get started on the team:

Tell us about yourself in the Who Are You? thread and read about other team members.

Check out Why do you do it? for the reasons people on the team have chosen to fold and add your own reasons.

Do you want one of those cool sigs that so many of us have to advertise how well you're doing on the team under all your posts? After you turn in your first work unit, go check out the Sig Generator and copy the text it gives you into your profile sig. If you need help you can start a thread asking for more assistance, or send a Personal Message to me.

Shout-outs are currently being done by the ExtremeOverclocking Milestone Groups starting at 1 Million.

After you have reached your first million points, be sure to visit the Notable Milestones forum, because a thread will be started in your honor soon(See last post for current milestones)! See which milestones we're currently doing shout-outs for.

If you would like to learn more about the Folding@Home project, the software, and other fun programs that compliment it, be sure to check out the thread Everything about Folding@Home. It has lots of great information.

Learn a little about our (and now your) team's history by reading the Icons of Team 93 thread.

New PC, Old PC, not-on-very-often PC... it doesn't matter. Any little helps, any amount is a contribution, any amount can save a life. Your computer could make all the difference. Your computer could be the one to find a cure. Slow or fast, it makes no difference... just fold.

If you read all of that, thanks for your patience! :cool: Remember, we're all here to help. Enjoy your time with the team, and fold on!! :D
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