Naming the Frog Tribute Rig

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It's been pretty well decided that SM15 is to be named in some way to thank the frogs. I will list a couple ideas, be sure to add ('cause I'm at work and not feeling very creative :p ). No poll, we don't really have time. I'm just looking for a couple quick opinions and then Marc or Mudd can pick one they like.

SM15 - Thank You AMD Frogs
SM15 - Forever a Frog
SM15 - Frog for Life


  • ClutchClutch North Carolina New
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    omg, my mind is totally blank right now, it always does this to me when I need to think about something sometimes.

    I like the SM15 - Frog for Life

    not much you can do with frog in it though
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
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    I like them all.

    This is a good idea, no matter what name.

  • tychotycho Santa Barbara, California!
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    Why don't we use AMDMB's name for the rig

    SM15 - Adopted Frog
  • LawnMMLawnMM Colorado
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    How bout short and sweet, SM15 - Folding Frog
  • LincLinc Owner Detroit Icrontian
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    We'll use Mudd's poll for further discussion. Just say something in there if you'd like another option added, etc.

    Locking now :)
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