Fun fun, i just got packeted to death

qparadoxqparadox Vancouver, BC
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Yay, I love the highly mature counterstrike gaming community. My brother plays CS pretty competitively and it appears someone doesn't like us. During his match tonite he got packeted to death (managed to crash the DSL modem after a few minutes). I managed to get him a new ip to finish up the second half (stupid ISP and using not quite so dynamic DHCP). And what happens again? We get packeted to death.

Unfortunately his connection is behind a POS linksys router which doesn't log any info (the logger even managed to crash from data overload, go LINKSYS). It also only logs IP address, port(s) and doesn't do a timestamp.

Of course I'm not lame enough to do anything back. Is there anything that can provide improved logging behind the router or any good way to configure it? All i can think of is forwarding all ports to a real computer with a proper logger but this sorta defeats the purpose. Should I just replace the router with a BSD box or linux box (depending on my mood) or is there a commercialized router that actually logs enough information to be useful? This has happened before (4 times that i know of although this is the worst) so I need to figure out something.

I don't think there's a way to stop the attack besides stalling their connection and hope the software breaks (unlikely for a packeting program) or to bug my ISP. Any other suggestions?


  • RobRob Detroit, MI
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    Transparent bridge firewall between your WAN and router.

    Quite a few build it yourself versions based of BSD kernels.
  • qparadoxqparadox Vancouver, BC
    edited June 2003
    thnx for the info, i'm currently looking for the hardware for an open bsd box, i don't wanna take one of my folders offline. (can only fold on bsd's through linux emulation if avail).
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