which OS is better/easiest for my setup?

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I have three Dell Inspiron laptops and one desktop machine. The laptops run winXP. I have a Dell True Mobile wireless router (model unknown) and the 4 machines will have wireless cards. The desktop will act as a "server" for business management software. Each machine will need to be able to file share with the other 3. So is win2k or winXP better to have on the desktop machine to make file sharing a no brainer? :scratch:


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    Neither is a good choice if you can avoid it. You really should consider getting Win2K server or Win2K3 server for that server box. Otherwise, you'll be spending all day creating exact duplicate user accounts on all machines, making sure permissions are okay, etc. If you absolutely cannot get a server OS, I guess WinXP would be the easier of the two, but remember that you will only be able to support 10 clients total.
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    win2k server then

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