WTB: 2x IDE to SATA adapter and 2x 3.5" to 5.25" HDD bracket

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Like the title says. I've got 2 IDE drives and 2 DVD drives and I only have one IDE channel. One DVD is connected with a HDD and it's placed rather half-assed ontop of the DVD. The other DVD and HDD is not in use and I need them. My favorite shows are starting up soon and I need the HDD space.

I can only pay via money order at this moment since my paypal account isn't fully set up yet (rather complicated but should only take a few days to set up). Would be sending the money order via priority mail.

The address where I would be receiving is a PO Box with the zip code being 00778 (Puerto Rico), if anyone wants to check with the Post Office how much it would cost to ship here (link). Since I'm on an island, FedEx and UPS just cost too much and they've started to taxing goods.


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