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    The game does indeed get really exiting with 25-man instanses, but a lot of bosses are totally crap and could either be buffed or removed entirely with something else. However, bosses liek Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas are really the guildbreakers. A lot of people aren't really determined enough to try 3 weeks on a single boss and that's when the emo part in this game shows. But, the feeling after killing one of the end-game bosses is really sweet. Took us 2 weeks on Leothoras the blind, another 3 weeks on Lady Vashj and we have had one week on Kael'Thas now. This is where the guildleader is the most important. To keep the spirit up by handling out Marks for free flasks etc, the mana and health pots that drops.
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    Yeah, the make-or-break bosses feel amazing to kill. It's like trying to beat Bowser in Mario 3 over and over and over and over. When you finally do it, it feels super 1337+.

    Yes, the GM is very important in this case.
  • HarudathHarudath Great Britain Icrontian
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    Aye, Gruul was our first 25 man kill (duh :P) and when we killed him for the first time it felt awesome :D

    The GM is important but you need to help support them too, it's not a one-way system. I mean a GM needs to be able to keep morale up, but you shouldn't be one of the people keeping it down, givvum a hand with a motivating speech or something :P
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    Time for an update, haven't posted in this topic in a long time.

    I'm still on WoW. I might be addicted to it, but I can also not play for a day or 2 if I don't feel like it and would rather play Halo 2 (don't have a Xbox 360 for Halo 3 yet).

    I kind of went crazy on professions, and "had" to make 3 alternate characters to do the other professions. Otherwise my main would be a level 70 by now. I kept reading about the other professions and wondered what they were like, but I wasn't gonna mess up my dwarf hunters professions to find out.

    Here's what I've got right now:

    Level 58 Dwarf Hunter, 332 Mining / 362 Skinning, 41/2/3 Beastmaster spec. Level 58 snow leopard pet.

    Level 35 Human Paladin, 300 Leatherworking / 300 Engineering, Full AoE prot spec, which is really cool. I can finish fights with nearly full health and mana still remaining most of the time!:bigggrin:

    Level 21 Human Mage, 198 Alchemy, 172 Herbalism, on his way to 225 in each.

    Level 20 Human Rogue, 225 Tailoring, 218 Blacksmithing, gonna get his 225 soon also.

    For my game play, I solo 99.9% of the time, I rarely join up with anyone else for anything. I just want to do things my way on my schedule. On the rare occassion that I team up with someone else it usually works out good, but them I have to share the XP and treasure we find, which isn't as good for me.

    Skinning and Mining have made me lots of $$$ and have enabled me to do other professions easily, like Leatherworking, Engineering, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing.

    As far as profitability goes, Skinning and Mining are great, Leatherworking has made me some very nice cash with minimal investment, and Alchemy looks to have a lot of potential also.

    I tried Enchanting and Jewelcrafting, but wasn't seeing much money coming back to me, and especially with Jewelcrafting, everyone was telling me I wouldn't make a profit until I was a 300 or better, so I dropped them.

    I can see leveling my Paladin to 50 to get Master Leatherworking, I don't know if I'll try and level Engineering anymore or not. Too much material cost with limited profit potential on Auction House.

    My Mage will also probably go to level 35 for Artisan Alchemy, maybe level 50 for Master Alchemy, not sure at this point.

    I have never really liked guilds. Never saw much benefit from them. But I recently made my own guild just so I could have a cool guild name for people to see when they mouse over me.

    I was going to name my guild "Guns and Alcohol", but it was taken, so I went with "No Noobs up in this ma" instead, from an old photo I found at the website.
  • tcithtcith Sydney, Australia Member
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    Well I know I have been absent from Irontic (I'll get use to the name promise) for a little while (cough, 2 years) I have not been absent from Warcraft.

    I am the co-GM of a little guild on Khaz' Garoth called Crimson Tower.

    I have a
    Level 70 Warlock
    Level 69 HUnter
    Level 70 Warrior
    Level 70 SHadow Priest

    and a few alts between 30 and 50 .......shamy's mage etc

    anyhow my main is my Warlock - Chiroptera
    Look me up if your on my server
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    I used to make a ton of money with enchanting when I had MC/rare drops or ones that requires reputation to aquire. It was nothing for me to get 5-10g for 22int, +30 spell dmg, or +15/25 agility. I never did get any of the glove enchants but mainly +22 and +30 were gold mines and that was when 5-10g actually meant something.
  • tcithtcith Sydney, Australia Member
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    70 warlock - 375 enchanter / 375 Tailor (shadow)
    70 Warrior - 375 alchemist (elixir master) / Miner 375
    70 Shadow Priest - 375 herbalist / 375 Tailor
    69 Hunter - 375 Leather worker / 375 Skinner

    Never been short of cash with that combo - epic flying mounts for all 70's, and one netherdrake mount for my main
  • IndigoRedIndigoRed Perth Western Australia Icrontian
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    Hey T, I may just create a noob to look you up! I wonder if that qualifies for a "real person" achievement...:bigggrin:
  • MedlockMedlock Miramar, Florida Member
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    Looking through this thread I find myself missing my warrior. :(

    I was one of the best tanks around always up for some 5-mans and heroics. I was halfway through getting enough gold for an epic flying mount. Oddly enough, this is the same place I was with my warlock (back before TBC) when I was having the most fun with that character (where the gear was mostly low-tier epics with some blues to fill in and collecting cash) but this time I guess it just couldn't hold my interest. If I ever get back into WoW I'll have to revive my warrior and help with a fresh start. 2700 gold is like infinite resources if I'm not gonna get a new mount. I've never been that rich before. :p
  • HarudathHarudath Great Britain Icrontian
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    Here's my stats
    375/375 jewelcrafting and skinning
    Almost full on all weapon skills
    1.1k dps in raids
    (2939 attack power buffed)
    I haz a netherdrake
    Almost full epic on two chars, hunter needs 2 more epics and the resto druid needs 5 or 6.
    I'm not making much money atm due to raiding and homework - each char costs about 200g a week to maintain and I use both per week, yet I only have about two days a week to grind :P I've got every heroic key, I'm exalted with quite a few factions and I've lead a couple raid guilds.
    A friend and I (two hunters) are pretty good at CCing/kiding, so we decided to do some of the mechanar... he's the result:;8668844;/fileinfo.html (We did kill a boss, it's not just trash :P)
    Right, showoff time over :D

    (N.B. Teamspeak makes me sound nerdier than usual, so don't laugh >.>)
  • MAGICMAGIC Doot Doot Furniture City, Michigan Icrontian
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    I was in one of the best high end raid guilds for EQ2 for a wile. Yes, it felt very good to beat some of the hardest end game raid mobs and also to be the first to do it. However it does take a lot of time and dedication, and thats why i really have no desire to do it again in WoW.
  • tcithtcith Sydney, Australia Member
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    IndigoRed wrote:
    Hey T, I may just create a noob to look you up! I wonder if that qualifies for a "real person" achievement...:bigggrin:

    Well your a man of your words - am chatting to you now live :cool:
  • AnnesAnnes Tripped Up by Libidos and Hubris Alexandria, VA Icrontian
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    The guild I'm in just downed Fathom Lord on Sunday. Slowly but surely!
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @Thrax said:
    Problem #1:

    A Paladin was tanking.

    The smack talk was real even 10 years ago lol

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