The 72 Hour Bump Thread - No reply in 3 days? Respond here!

TroganTrogan London, UK
This thread is for posting links to your unanswered Hijackthis logs that have been posted for over 72 hours and only that.

If you post here and you do not have a topic that is 72 hours old, your post here will be deleted. All help you receive will be in your original topic.

  1. Do not post your Hijackthis log in this thread as it will be deleted. Instead, reply in THIS THREAD with a link to your topic.

  2. If you do not put a link in your post here, then it will be deleted.

  3. Once you have posted a link to your topic, please scan with Hijackthis and post a new log in your original topic. As already stated, any Hijackthis logs that are posted in this thread will be deleted.

  4. All of the helpers are busy as is and don't have time to search the site when a link is asked for.

  5. If you have a question, then you can ask it here, such as how do I post a link or how do I find my topic. Otherwise, put all comments in your original post.

Once someone has started to help you, they will reply to your original topic and get started with helping you. Your post here, in this thread, will eventually be deleted.

If you haven't read this, go read it now!

Thank you!


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