Explorer shell extension tweak for .avi previews?

elektrikelektrik Hong Kong
edited June 2003 in Science & Tech
Can somebody post this tweak? It's supposed to stop the Explorer shell from making a preview of every .avi file every time you open a folder, making things much faster. I've got two versions of this tweak, and one of them don't work. I'm not sure about the other one.


  • SpinnerSpinner Birmingham, UK
    edited June 2003
    I had a quick nose around for you, but I couldn't quickly find a related tweak to suit your needs, I'll have another look later. However to disable a folder from displaying thumbnail previews of images and videos when you open a folder, simply click on 'view' and change the view selection to anything else other than 'thumbnail'. However this method is hardly super effiecient.

    You could also use TweakUI (the microsoft power tool, see the tweaks and tricks thread) to lower the thumbnail quality so the time it takes to load the previews is shortened.
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