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Right, here is the prediciment........

The server will need to be doing the following -

Webserver (Apache and PHP)
FTP Server
Possibly various game serving
Shoutcast (Shout or Ice (ice is Linux only))
File Server (for LAN)
DHCP Server
DNS Server (LAN)
Mail Server
MySQL Server

Now, the problem is currently I am using Kerio Mail Server, which supprisingly wont work in Linux, and I have lots of settings and mail archives, which really is the only thing currently stopping me from converting now.

What mail server software would be best to use? (Needs to be able to handle multiple domains, and have Webmail facilities (see to see what I mean) and to also have some type of Anti-Spam agent as Kerio currently uses Spam Assassin).

Secondly I need complete remote control over the machine as the only things plugged into it are going to be the Power cable and a network cable (exception to this is during setup, obviously).

and Thirdly, will there be any inprovement in speed over Windows (2000 AS) with all these functions? Or should I just stick with W2k AS?

Cheers all,

[update: Well this is good......

Installed Slackware 9

Firstly it doesnt detect my network card.
Secondly X- just turns the screen brown and thats it, I cant do anything (trying to set it up, or typing kdm from anywhere else).

So I am stuck at the prompt with no network and no X-Windowing system....... I really do need some speedy help here.]


  • RobRob Detroit, MI
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    Posted to your request for assistance at icrontic. Don't stress it, everyone trips and falls once or twice steping to linux.
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