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Lock ups in Windows SMP

edcentricedcentric Icrontiannear Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
edited April 2007 in Folding@Home
I have had a couple of cases where machines have simply stopped making progress on a WU. After restart they fold fine. They pick up from where they had stopped and all is OK.
The last time I looked and there was still CPU activity.
I don't need to reboot, just close and restart f@h.

Anyone else?


  • edcentricedcentric Icrontian near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
    edited April 2007
    No one?
    I have had this happen on both boxes. An overnight hangup like is enough to prevent my AX2 machine from finishing within deadline. I hate to be at 87% and get the deadline message.

    I have started deleting the WU when it happens, if I am less than 50%. If I am over 50% I restart it and hope that it finishes.
  • SPIKE09SPIKE09 Scatland
    edited April 2007
    Sounds like a known bug, does your ISP reset your IP addy during the night? as any changes to network cause this behaviour.
  • OrianeOriane Turn around.
    edited April 2007

    I don’t know if it’s related, but I can tell you what I’ve seen a lot of.

    Every time I start-up my PC, FAH is launched and set to run at 100% using advanced methods and has access to all memory (2GB). FAH runs best right after I do so. However, my studies many times become very PC intensive and after a while FAH will bog down because it is a low priority task and gets bumped. When I’m done with my work, for some reason FAH does not recover. What used to take only 20-30 minutes a frame now takes 2-4 hours. FAH seems like it is stalled but it is still computing properly. Restarting FAH also fixes this for me and I’ve simply just learned to live with it.

    My guess- what happens is that FAH gets bumped out of running in cache and trashes from there on.

    I also used to have a scheduled anti-virus scan and automatic updates turned on and I would sometimes come back from road trips and find FAH “stalled”. (Worse, I used to find it rebooted- which stopped FAH altogether- I had it in my Startup folder). Since then I have killed both auto-scans and updates and I’ve not had this problem.

    I don’t know about other FAH methods and clients like SMP. I also don’t know what it could be if you are running FAH on a dedicated unit.

    Whatever- this is something that may be related and hope it may help.
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