Software Forum Rules

EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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Some basic and virtually obvious rules regarding the software forum.

1. No posting of Warez - This includes links to Warez sites, discussion of Warez and links to copyrighted materials. This does NOT include discussion of eDonkey/Mule or Kazaa as they can/are used for legal purposes, but threads must not infringe on the first point of this rule.

2. No posting of Serials/Cracks/Keys - For obvious reasons, and no linking to these either.

3. No requesting of any of the above - You can't talk about it so requesting it is out of the question.

4. There is a search function, please use it - There is no need to ask a question that has been asked 500 times before. :)

5. No descussion of software for use in illegal activities - No, we won't help you find a program to create DDOS attacks or break into peoples servers.

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