Dimension 4

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Want to add automatic time correcting functionallity like WinXP has to Win 9x, Win2K or WINNT 4? Dimension 4 is a nice freeware time synchronization proggie that can automatically check and correct your computer's clock or you can run it manually if you are on dialup. I even disabled the time synchonization stuff that comes on XP on my A7N8X because it caused the clock to run fast by 5-10 minutes/day with the XP time checker and use this program instead; it doesn't mess anything up.:rolleyes:


  • Lincoln-ImpLincoln-Imp Lincoln, England
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    Used to have that program, but i now use World Time


    updates the clock, lets you set up clocks for anywhere in the world and one or two other pretty nifty extras :)
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