Case Modding section

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Hey what gives? Yall were going to bring that section back right???

nah i'm just yanking ya. I was wondering if you all were going to bring that section back because that is like my specialty. plus I just might be getting ready to do some projects...


  • KilJaedenKilJaeden USA
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    I should be starting a project soon too. I was hopeing on documenting the entire process, and posting it on these forums. I was also hopeing on getting advice for it.
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    i've got a hell of a lot of knowledge in this. if a case modding section doesn't go up feel free to pm me.
  • Red-DawnRed-Dawn Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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    yea kiljaeden if u need any help just shoot me an e-mail

    michaelg.hall[nospam] - [nospam]
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