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TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
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Ok I am taking suggestions for future "How To" type articles or "Guides" that you guys would get a kick out of.

I made one suggestion here...

Interested to see your thoughts. Also interested in hearing from those that might want to help author guides or articles. These are not hardware reviews as much as GUIDES to show how to setup... or tweak ... or mod or install or ??? The possibilities are endless.

But I want the site focused again on hardware and tech related subjects and this seems to be the best way to go in my mind anyway.



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    I think "Orignal" articles and reviews and more indepth on how the hardware actually works not just a bunch af benchmarks.

    Alsoo guides, mods, and howto's are good :D
  • TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
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    Original stuff is what I am talking. You can go post a benchmark in a forum or whatever.

    But for isntance a article about all the tweaks you make with the video card tweaking programs to max out for 3dmark runs wouldn't be bad....

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    Yeh stuff like that is what i mean :D
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    Congratulations to you and the crew on the site and thanks!

    I think you were on target with your previous articles and posts. That was practical ways to do advanced things. And straight advice about the reasons to do them and not do them.

    Multiple processors, multiple drives, multiple monitors, scsi raid. What works - what doesn't.

    The best hardrive subsystems (cards and type/quantity/size of drives - not just the best "hard drive").

    Someone else did a good one recently about when to use removeable harddrive cages and another set us straight about video editing/capture cards and who should go prosumer and who should not.

    There are hundreds of other sites duplicating the same benches of the same products over and over again. What I always liked and thought was different about this site before were the ppl who figured out something useful about integrating those parts together in a significantly better way than before. I also like reading about the pros and cons that result from those configurations.

    If I ever could catch up I would offer something, but truth is you guys are always 3 steps ahead of me. Someday I'll figure out something ingenious with those multiple monitors I keep messing with and post it.

  • AMD-FanAMD-Fan Virginia Beach
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    I would be interested in information on how to overclock ? I also
    would be interested in a home budget pc that would be good for
    a newbie on a tight budget. One cpu and hardrive type deal. I
    also thank you guys for all the good stuff this site is tops. Terry
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    Maybe Rob could do a "How to set up Linux with a Web server and Mail server" guide for n00bs, you know...... no particular reason......

  • CCWCCW Suffolk, UK
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    Tex, an article on your hard-drive benchmarking would be great ;)

  • ClutchClutch North Carolina New
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    NS might be on to something, linux is something that not everyone knows, but something inside of them wants to learn ( well for me atleast, hehe ) so some linux how to articles would be sweet, either distro wise or just plain ol linux.
  • KilJaedenKilJaeden USA
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    Here is a list of some how-to articles:

    How to..
    make a hard drive window
    cut a window
    paint a case
    paint a frame
    make a baybus or rheobus
    add a blowhole
    mod the PSU
    add a window on your CD-ROM

    These are just a couple of guides that I would like to see on the site.
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