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ElbowhiteElbowhite Croatia
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How can I boose the bass in a song in cool edit pro? I don't know what kind of a plug-in shoud I download.
I want to get in a song a little beat. I tried dx plugin but no help.
I heard for a plugin called "Gimme more bass..." but I don't know the whole name.
Any suggestions?


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    goldwave (its free somewhere). its a free audio (wave) editor, use the equalizer function.
  • ElbowhiteElbowhite Croatia
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    Thx, I'll try it but I really need something for the Cool edit
  • MERRICKMERRICK In the studio or on a stage
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    Hi I just joined. To answer your question,
    If you want a "Bass Maximizer" you'll want a plug in that will do just that or you'll want to use compression. You'll see a lot of Direct X plugins out there. I would suggest you stay away from the BBE plug in. It sucks. The best plug in to get an overall bigger sound is iZotope Ozone: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/index.html It is a 64 bit plug in so running it in real time only works on a two track master. I strongly recommend you read their mastering guide:


    There's an interesting bass maximizer 14 day demo here:


    But you must read the simple help file to use the bass maximizer option. It too is a 64bit program and it has a very unique sound. However, it is definitly not worth the money to buy.

    Sound Forge demo has tools you can try but if you have cool edit you should stick with it. Go to the Cool Edit forum and ask there your question as well!
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    CEP -

    Toolbar -
    Effects >> Filters >> Graphic Equalizer

    Change the 8 on the far left to adjust the bass.

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