Californians set Internet speed record...

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Check this out:

Californian scientists have set a new record for data transfer speed over a standard TCP Internet connection, achieving a speed of 8,609Mbps.
The scientists from Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, achieved the record speeds using a new data transfer protocol, Fast Active queue management Scalable Transmission Control Protocol, or FAST. They succeeded not only in setting a new speed record but also managed to sustain it over an extended period on shared networks in the presence of background traffic, making it adaptable for deployment on the world's high-speed production networks

In recent years Internet speeds have doubled each year, but the improvements have been based on an algorithm designed in 1988. This algorithm simply cannot be stretched any further to meet future requirements, despite attempts using non-standard data packet sizes or aggressive protocols that monopolise bandwidth at the expense of other users. In contrast, FAST uses a standard packet size compatible with the hardware and network advances of recent years, but employs new algorithms that enable it to perform at around 90 per cent efficiency, compared to 25 per cent efficiency for existing TCP connections.


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    Nice find EQ. I wonder how long it will take before "FAST" can/will be introduced to the general public?

    Bill Gates is probably bidding on the rights to it as we speak. :D
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