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Many thanks to those who bought the site and put it back up. These forums were a wealth of knowledge and a resource of information that I feared would be lost forever. I've gotten so much help from these forums over the years. I'm relieved to see the forums will be here to help me and others for a long time to come. :)


  • TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
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    Glad your back. Wish the old database wasnt gone. Lot of great data washed away into cyberspace.

    But Welcome to the New Icrontic !

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    Like Tex says, a lot was lost. If anyone would like to contribute to rebuilding the data base by submitting an article or how-to, we would really appreciate it. They don't have to be long glorious works of art, which we won't refuse mind you, but we need the computer 101 stuff. Formating Drives, Installing software like Window XP or Linux, Steps in building your basic system. Things that are basic to getting a computer up and running. Things we can stick in a FAQ.

    I knows you guys really knows your stuff, so help build your site back up to one of the best sites on the net by sharing that knowlege of yours.

    Contact any of the Mods if you think you have something of interest.
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