Odd anomaly with Linksys BEFSR41

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Alrighty, for some reason, every so often I'll wake up to my router having it's red diag light on. The cable modem that's in the WAN port is functioning, but I don't get a link light or activity light under the WAN display, but I still get link and activity lights on all the other PCs plugged in.

At first, I thought it might've been a power surge, but it's only recently been doing this since I upgraded my firmware (latest from Linksys. The version escapes me).

I recently setup a home network in my friend's home and his does the same thing too. A quick pull of the power fixes it, but it's getting awefully annoying when you run with Direct Connect >.> *whistles*


  • stoopidstoopid Albany, NY New
    edited June 2003
    That's my suggestion too, if your friend has the exact same router and the same issue, I'm willing to bet Linksys made a boo-boo in their last firmware update.
  • dodododo Landisville, PA
    edited June 2003
    Its not your broadband connection crapping out on you, is it?

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