Delay windows startup items?

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Hey, is there anyway i can set a program in the start up list to start with a delay? Trillian always runs before my internet fully hooks up so i have to manually reconnect every startup... if i could get trillian to wait like 5 seconds it would be perfect. Thanks for any info!


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    Using XP? Try using the scheduler instead of startup.
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    I would connect manually anyway, but ICQ Net-Detect should allow other programs as well, I remember that being a feature.

    Does mean installing ICQ though, and well, thats a horrible program, but doesnt mean you must use the ICQ portion.

    If not this site and page 2 has lots of dial-up goodness to help you out.

    Hope this helps, and welcome to the forums :)
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    Elephants yeah

    That fact he said 5 seconds makes me think he is infact authenticating some type of broadband Coaster.

    ICQ is a great program!

    Anyway, unless the program has an option to delay connecting (which some do for this very reason) then you are going to have to tell it you will connect yourself.

    Though you could let it run its detection agent anyway that way it will find out when oyu are connected.

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    Yeah i have cable... and using trillian pro. I will try some of yalls ideas. Thanks a lot
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