Super slow network

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I have no idea why its doing it, but I am using RH9 and have set up Webmin and Samba, but the speed they both go at makes them almost unusable (as it from other machines).

Copying files to the server gives about 2k a second, if that, and trying to use Webmin, it loads at about 0.5k a second, so the pictures take about 3 minutes to load in total.

I have been trying to copy 4.5GIG of stuff to the Samba folder, but it took 60mins just to do <100MB. Then in 20mins it shot up 200MB. What would cause this random and normally very slow network speed?

Also, when doing this, if I leave the term alone for a while then some back, the input lags like hell, say if I type a few words they will appear a few letters at a time maybe after a half second delay. It gets better as I use it more, but still, I think this is all related.

Always pings at <1ms though.

MII-Tool says that the connection is up at 100baseT-FD and ifconfig says there are no errors, dropped or collisions.

The NIC is the integrated nForce IGP, using the nvnet driver.

The speed of Samba sped up to around 100-150KBps but then the console just got so unresponsive then just froze entirely, not happy.



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