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This is my first post on icrontic, so hopefully this is in the right place, but.... My parents just bought a house in back woods CO, and their only option for high speed internet (because, lets face it dial up is insufficient) is to go with sattelite. My dad was debating between Starband and DirectWay. I was looking at some info for Starband and apparently they only cover the first connection, but some vender makes software to add additional connections for a pretty steep price. He has 2 laptops he wants to have wireless on, a desktop for general use, a server for remote profiles, and I think that's it. Maybe one or two other computers. All of his computers are running Windows. Mostly XP, and I think 2k (server?) on the server. I suggested that he get a linux box to use as a router, which is what some friends of mine have done. Has anyone else done anything similar, and would he be better off going with a windows machine? Any information relating to options he might have would be greatly appreciated.:confused:


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    If all the machines are windows then you should be good to go. Does he wan't all the computers to be wireless? Might won't to check out This link also, its a step by step to using ethernet instead of usb for your starband.
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    thats a very cool article. i especially like the reasons for wanting to mod it:

    * You want to attach it to a router

    * You Hate USB

    * You want to run it on a linux box. A word of caution here. While you can run the 180 from a linux box, it won't have any acceleration and believe me the acceleration makes a tremendous difference.

    I think i will go ahead and add to my profile that I am a resident USB hater . . .
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    There are a lot of options available, but my guess... if the satellite receiver is using USB/ethernet, you can find a Linksys usb/ethernet 4 port switching router for under $100, then just run some cat 5... or find a usb/ethernet wireless router for about $150 plus wireless NICs for $60 /ea... it's more pricey, but for a sprawling house, it's the best option.
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