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LiLbRoLiLbRo Troy, Michigan
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arg, im trying to use linux, and i can't get sim (icq client) to work.. i can't find anything, i cant even get my driver update for my vid card to work! HELP! im running RH 9.. this is jsut making me mad, i got licq to work once when i first installed the old RH,but iv gotten a new HDD and i can;t remember how i did it.. my brother rob told me to do somthing like fix the cod or somthing for sim, and i cant, im not good enough.. and other little things, i feel you guys could help me.. thanks



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    Sorry I can't answer your question, but thought you might have better luck in the proper forum. ;)
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    Ok, what kind of video card??? The ATI drivers do not work on RH 9.0 unless you can get the source code and recompile them. For nVidia yo need to go to nVidia's site and get the latest nVidia driver installer, and read the readme (if you want, print it, it has oodles of info in it), and do exactly what it says to do.

    When you have done that, reboot so the new video driver is used.

    Licq works with RedHat for icq, try checking that program out.

    Also, with RedHat 9.0 and Mandrake 9.1 a lot of older programs WILL stop working. Both these versions use newer compilers and kernels. It is easier to get the source for what you want to use and recompile it than it is to try to have two compilers on same instance of linux on a box just to run an older program.

    Gabber is also decent for lots of chatting.

    John Danielson.
  • LiLbRoLiLbRo Troy, Michigan
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    okay, yeah it is a nvidia card.. but i am a compleat newbie to this, so that gets rid of the whole re compiling the code, and i cant get licq to work for some reason...

    im gettin a new ati card, so that kinda sucks cuz like i said , i dont know how to recompile it....

    thanks for the input, any other tips you wanna throw my way, im open!
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    Well, if you get an 8500 the stock drivers will work for basic stuff. The 9500's work NOT YET.

    the nVidias in the GF3 and GF2 and GF4 MX lines work very sweet with a driver that you get from nVidia and the readme talks you through installing it. Actually, the new nVidia installer kinda says "can I?" and you "just say yes," and it does it, then the readme tells you what to check (when I did it had done it all) adn if is real unhappy the instller goes and finds you compiler and fugures out what it needs and in essence says "can I make a new driver module just for you??"

    With this installer, "just say yes" is fairly safe. If you print the readme then you have what you need to undo anything that for some weird reason does not work, but I have used this installer on both Mandrake 9.1 and RH 9. nVidia, that is.

    John Danielson.
  • LiLbRoLiLbRo Troy, Michigan
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    okay thanks, hehe that kinda suxs that im gettin a radeon 9700
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    Not really, do you know how hard it is to compile them yourself? Its really tough, you have to do all this.....

    Save the file
    Extract it
    make install

    wow, I'm going to need a nap after all that. Rofl. Compiling isnt as hard as people think :p

  • LiLbRoLiLbRo Troy, Michigan
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    hehehe, thought it would be harder than that!
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    Yes, that works with RH quite well, and others. A few distros now use a couple more steps.

    Mandrake uses mrproper to check the dependencies. mrproper is a script. There is a tool called checkinstall that can also help troubleshoot if needed.

    One of the nice things about Linux is that not only can you find the kitchen sink, you can also find the plumbing. (Compiler included, the libs the compiler needs included usually, etc....).

    John Danielson.
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