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I’d like to find a person, or persons, willing to write a few articles on Linux and BSD. Not anything extremely extensive, just easy to use, down to earth guides. Things like user/group management. Setting up Ftp/Http/Mail servers, how to setup a firewall and forward ports with it. How to get a router/gateway setup correctly and securely to share internet access. Just things like that, if anyone is interested please <a href= target=_blank>pm me.</a>


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    Um.... Better to have a link list to the best docs. Take a look at for a good approach and soem good links to extant encyclopedeias of howtos online. Also, any who want to help wiith such an effort could discuss another thing like that at

    Because Linux is nto one set of things, unlike Widnows, there is by no means one best way at the user level and the GUI layer. since Linux cores (kernels) CAN be compiled by a knowledgeable end user and this is considered normal and different distros (about 15-20 major ones of those) can even tweak that and since about 20 kernel minor revs are in common use now, and since Linux is not really universalized so much as it is desogned to be individualized, doing simplicity is very hard because you WILL have many saying "it does not work here."

    Of BSDs, there are two-- Open is easier to more "universally" learn as The Open Group tries for SOME continuity. Free BSD can be more customized and thus the "rules" break more from box to box.

    Unlike Widnows,which has one maker, neither Linux nor BSD do.

    Thus, a forum set would be better than a set of docs that might be considered stabler--whch can be more well done with Windows.

    I coudl talk in general terms about user and group mgt,though Prime and ~tk would probably end up corecting me left and right becasue what I knwo in depth of BSD is the functions that were ported into Linux.

    For now, to see what you are facing when you want a small enclycopedic article content set that is kinda static,please look at and (for the google Linux-focalized subsearcher).

    Servers I do not do, security approaches I study a lot. But I a have writing commitment to here dealing with power issues now ("stoopid" and I emailled each other).

    How about an article on how to find accurate Linux info quickest????

    John Danielson.
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