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NosferatuNosferatu Arizona
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Is/was the e-mail account confirmation not working? I registered a few weeks ago but I could never get the link sent to my e-mail. All the emails i sent to the new icrontic staff bounced, so I was pretty much stuck. I decided to try and post again, and it worked... so i'm not sure what happened, my guess is my account was approved when the admins realized the confirmation emails weren't being sent.

I had logged in and changed my e-mail 3x to different ones thinking it might be my e-mail provider filtering it, but that wasn't it.

Did anyone else have this problem?


  • AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Emails are working right now, they were not for a while and I was manually approving each account.
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