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Im doing a summer placement with a company that needs to get into selling online, all is going fine and the site with coding is nearly finished (Using ColdFusion to pull data from databases etc).

All was going fine, but then I was asked to do "An animation"/introduction for the site. So I fired up flash for the 1st time.

Ive got to grips with the basics but am stuck now. I have 4 buttons on a page which are all instances of the same button. When I roll the mouse over each button I want it to display a small text box with a few words about the section the button referes to. I cant change the "over" state of the button to include this as then all the buttons display the same text.

I set about looking for a way to show text boxes by making them visible when the mouse is over a button. I would have thought it would be something like


but no, no methods like that exist.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

Thanks in advance



  • kanezfankanezfan sunny south florida Icrontian
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    i don't however, have you run through the tutorials included with flash? failing that, there's another app caled swish, it makes flash animations too. failing that, talk to Shorty, he's the flash expert.
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    Been going through the tutorials, but cant justify the time to do them all to the boss. Il give Shorty a PM, hopefuly he'l drop in. :)

    Thanks for the reply
  • kanezfankanezfan sunny south florida Icrontian
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    no problem, if you don't get a hold of him here, drop by, he runs that site. you might get a hold of him faster that way.
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