PLEASE READ ~ if your interested in joining an exellent clan!

Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
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I am currently a member of Omega Fleet Gaming Clan, and we are in dire need of members!

The clan has been around for almost three and a half years (I've been in for over six monthes) but it is slowly dying...

I've been sent on a quest to find as many willing members as I can! the website is stable and secure, and the forums are in good shape...and we're working on our own server for all the sponsered games

Games include but are not limited too: Battlefield 1942 (Desercombat or Eve of Destruction), Neverwinter Nights (and Shawdows of Undertine), Star Trek Armada and Armada 2, Warcraft 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Star Wars Galaxies..though any games could be added to that it doesn't really matter what you play as long as you play online :/ (that's how desperate we are)

If your interested at all, please stop by our website ( PM for website ) and visit the message boards..or post here and I'll contact you via other means..just post what games you play is all I ask

We only have about 6-8 active members nowadays, so help resurect this clan and let it be known again!!!


  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited July 2003
    For those of you spamming our boards..please stop..I didn't post this for a flame/spam marathon
  • verselloversello New
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    From personal clanning experience, I suggest you downsize.

    Do you play competitively on any ladders?

    IRC is also a good way to recruit.
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