Midnight Club 2 Problems

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The intro movies and cut scenes run extremely choppy, to the point where i must end task the game to rid the horrid sounds. My Computer is a Athlon 2100+, 512 pc2700, Abit KD7-Raid, GeForce 3 Ti200, and im using the onboard sound. Now i ived tried everything i could think of: lowering graphics settings, updating drivers for everything, disabling everything in the background; and the only solution i have come close to would be that disabling my sound make the game run smooth. so i thought ok its my crappy onboard sound, but it works for every other game fine and my friend with a gametheatre xp sound card has this same problem, so it couldnt be my soundcard. Any help would be appreciated.


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    A check for game updates, it could be the gamecode itself and maybe make sure all background tasks have been shut-down first, could possibly be a conflict with a virus-killer or some such program.
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    Your best bet might be mailing the makers of the game, see what they have to say. They cant just dismiss you as having a crap system, as you dont, so they should help you to get your moneys worth outta the game... assuming you paid for it....
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    well right now the game doesnt have any updates. I guess ill try to contact the makers (Rockstar) thanks for the help.
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    Originally posted by Brodly
    well right now the game doesnt have any updates. I guess ill try to contact the makers (Rockstar) thanks for the help.

    Rockstar = shit

    All their games are shitty ports of console games and they perform like junk....:eek:
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    I having a problem with midnight club 2 every time I start a race, Finish a race or pass a check point my screen goes black, green or blue and I cant see where im going! all though this only lasts about 2 seconds its very anoying and makes it very hard to do anything, while the screen is blank (and changed to one of the colors) I can still hear the game sounds fine and still play I just can't see. I'm running a AMD duron processor and a ge force 440 mx video card with 256 MEG of RAM, And I have tryed running it with the sound off and all the video options set to the lowest setting and it still stuffs up. A little help would be great! I havn't even herd of this happening to anyone else.
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