Addaboy UT Servers coming back!!

HawkHawk Fla Icrontian
edited August 2003 in Gaming
Just thought I'd drop you all a post to let you know I'm setting the addaboy UT server back up and it will be shared among addaboy,icrontic and short-media. I payed for the server today 8/5/03, so it will be a few days to a week before it's all said and done, but it's on the way gang. I like all three sites so I decided to share with all. Hope you all will have a great fraggin time. :cool:


  • citrixmetacitrixmeta Montreal, Quebec Icrontian
    edited August 2003

    hawk, can you tell us what version of UT we need?
  • HawkHawk Fla Icrontian
    edited August 2003
    Latest version is 436. I'll get the map list and other pertinent info to you guys as soon as I get it set. Whoot!:cool:
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