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HawkHawk Fla Icrontian
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OK everyone, Here's the IP for addaboy UT server-- --- start your UT game and go to favorites- right click and hit add favorite--type in the ip and name it addaboy ut and enter. The game is set on basic games right now, because I'm working with my ISP to resolve getting the admin sign in page up on port 8080 so I can set everything. You can go play now, but I don't have all the maps etc in yet. It will be set soon and I'll give you all the map & skins list. Hopefullly our administrators here will put a link on the front page to the server for you all. Happy Fraggin.


  • citrixmetacitrixmeta Montreal, Quebec Icrontian
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    my dsl is coming 2mmorow, and im gonna join
  • HawkHawk Fla Icrontian
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    OK Gang, Finally got the server admin page problem fixed. I can now get into the settings. I'll be loading the maps,skins,etc in the next few days and will post them with a link for DL'ing. IP's still the same. Also I'm looking for help from anyone that knows linux and UT server work. I need to setup BDB Mapvote on the server, and i don't want to try it because I haven't ever used linux, and thats what the server runs. Also we are working on a banner for all 3 sites.-icrontic,addaboy & short-media. Anyone thats want to work on a banner is welcome to. Just has to have sponsored by on it or under it. <Discount for advertising, which will help my pocket. Show me your banner skills boys and girls. You can e-mail me, PM me, or submit them over @ addaboys on the ut thread. Thnx Hawk
  • HawkHawk Fla Icrontian
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    Don't know what happened there-- I lost part of my post. Hey gang, I'm in a bind here and need someone that knows linux and UT setup. I need someone to setup UTPure anticheat, and BDBMapVote on my server. Please e-mail me- or PM me--msn- Hawkfl , aol- skyrider44. I started unziping maps, textures, skins, sounds, etc. yesterday and will have a bunch on this weekend, but I really need someone for the other 2 things. Thnx all. Hawk

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