Lineage II

drowddrowd Texas
edited August 2003 in Gaming
hey does anyone know anything about lineage II? apparently it is korean and its in open beta right now. the only restriction is that you have to be a korean citizen. its on the unreal tournament 2k3 engine, and a friend of mine said it was pretty slick. does anybody know anything about it? if only i had a korean social security number :D . . .


  • Massive_gasMassive_gas Baghdad
    edited August 2003 don't HAVE to be a korean citizen, I know a few individuals who have it :D

    the open beta is coming out in the US later this year.
  • drowddrowd Texas
    edited August 2003
    yeah, i heard the open beta is coming to the united states in november AND that if you participated in the korean beta, you could transfer your character to the enlish beta, which, IMO, would be freakin sweet. and as for the citizenship deal, is discussing a Korean social security generator considered illegal? :D
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