Joystick Problems!

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I have recently purchased a Dexxa 6-buton throttle joystick. I have installed it, calibrated it succesfully and everything. However, when I'm using it in games, when it is supposed to be centered, the computer pretends that it's moving erratically, like leaning gradually to the left or right. I've tryed recalibrating like 50,000 times and it still doesn't help. This happens on all of my games, and it is very hard to, for example, drive in a straight line, when my joystick isn't behaving. There isn't a technical support website for Dexxa, so that's why I've come here. Any suggestions?



  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    Try extending the joysticks deadzone in games, thats what normally needs to be done so that it makes it less responsive when it is centered.

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