Half-Life question for anyone and everyone.

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If you have the original box of half-life, if you open up the flap, theres a picture with text in the bottom left corner, it says:
Scripted Sequences
This interrogation is getting out of hand. You can watch this scientist die or come to his aid - he may return the favor later on.

Now in the many times ive played HL ive never ever ever come across this place. It shows a grunt holding up walter by the neck, with another grunt and 2 other scientists looking. This place would most likely have to be in the area where you first find the soldiers, around the time where you confront the osprey and artillery. Now ive think ive found out where it was and then removed, after crawling in the vents to get into the door to open the rocket blast doors where you first hear of getting to the Lambda complex, there was a vent that just went nowhere. Nowhere else can i remember an open vent that just went into a wall and stopped. Its the vent that is right above the doors of the broken elevator where the scientist was holding onto the ladder and fell So either this was it and was removed, or there was a door or something ive always missed.

So the question is: Where is this place? Or where did it go? Any help would be nice as ive wondered since i got the game almost 5 years ago.


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    The area may exist. It is not on a critical path in the game. I don't see that billing on my HL (Game of The Year) edition full size box.

    It may be near the area where there's a door up a ladder, a walter closes it, and a few HGrunts are firing at it. However, that's not a required, or possibly not an existing part of HL. Maybe something close happened in Opposing Force though... as that would fit in nicely (though they save you at the start, so you already owe them :) )
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