Tron 2.0 is #/*?%^ ...

d-rkerd-rker UK
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sweeeeet ! :D

finally a game that sets it apart from the rest ,graphics/sound/concept are top notch .gameplay works like a normal FPS but only to a certain extent .the way you use armor ,energy ,weapons and upgrades makes it a bit more challenging and different of the normal FPS .the mission objectives are familiar to the regular Oc'er/pc enthusiast ,they ...

heck ! here are some links if you don't know what i'm talking about :


btw ,the characters names are hilarious ; svchost.exe ,port_monitor.exe ,spam_filter.exe :D


  • drowddrowd Texas
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    one of the other forum regulars here was telling me that the great thing about the game was that the special effects in the video game were better than the ones in the movie. and i guess that isnt totally surprising, cuz that movie is older than piss, but some older special effects are just awesome (the thing). anyway, i cant wait to try it out . . .
  • d-rkerd-rker UK
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    lol ,when compared ,tron 2.0 does look better than the movie - glow/shaders/transparency everywhere .
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